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Citizens of Arab countries hunger for democracy, survey finds

By  ILH Staff
October 16, 2020

The 2019-20 Arab Opinion Index, which surveyed representative sample of 13 Arab countries on domestic and international issues, finds that less than half of citizens of 13 Arab countries surveyed are satisfied with their governments, and the strongest opposition to recognizing Israel comes from Algeria.  

A vast majority of citizens of Arab countries support democracy and pluralism, according to a new opinion poll conducted in 13 Arab countries by the Qatar-based Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

The 2019-20 Arab Opinion Index, which can be read here in full, used 900 researchers to survey nearly 30,000 individuals, asked Arab citizens for their opinions about local and global issues, including Israeli-Arab relations and the Nov. 3 US presidential election.

A large majority – 76% — of respondents expressed support for a democratic system of government, and 74% said that they thought a “pluralist” democratic system would be an appropriate form of government for their countries.

Support for existing governments was weaker, with only 47% of respondents saying that they thought their governments were carrying out their duties.

An overwhelming 91% said that they believed that financial and administrative corruption existed in their countries, to varying degrees.

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