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Trump to List ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ on Passports of Jerusalem-Born Americans

The Trump administration is expected to announce Thursday that US passports of Americans born in the Israeli capital will be able to state “Jerusalem, Israel” as the place of their birth.

The policy, reported Wednesday by Politico, is the latest of a steady list of pro-Israel actions by President Donald Trump that will remind his Zionist and evangelical supporters why they must make sure to get to the polls and vote in the lead-up to Election Day.

Up to this point, American citizens who were born in Jerusalem fell into a no-man’s-land when it came to stating a country of birth on their passports. One US administration after another proved unwilling to take on the issue of deciding the status of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Authority is determined to place the capital of its hoped-for future state in Jerusalem, and its equally unwilling to come to the negotiating table for direct talks with Israel.

Until the Trump administration, all US governments ruled that until a final status was negotiated directly between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Jerusalem had no status. Americans born in Jerusalem were allowed only to list the city, and not the country of birth.

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