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New Jersey mayor’s Facebook post blasting Trump and his supporters prompts outcry

New Jersey Republicans are calling for the mayor to step down after the post was made public

By Bradford Betz | Fox News
October 15, 2020

New Jersey mayor has come under fire for a private Facebook post that condemned President Donald Trump and likened his supporters to “religious zealots” who want to “enact the Christian version of Sharia law.”

The post, allegedly from Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver, was shared Saturday on the Hunterdon GOP’s website.

“This is day one of the new SCOTUS terms – the religious zealots want to enact the Christian version of Sharia law,” the post reads. “If you voted for the orange monster with COVID, go f— yourself. If you plan on voting for him again, unfriend me and go f— yourself again.”

Supporters of President Donald Trump wait to enter a campaign rally Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, at
John P. Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Johnstown, Pa. (AP)

Hunterdon GOP Chair Gabe Plumer, who shared the post online, derided it as “shameful” and “insulting,” and called on Driver to resign.

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